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Like a Mountain

Inspired by Naomi Littlebear Morena's song, Like a Mountain, we are creating a music video that will be published online prior to Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017. The video will be a celebration of Diversity, Unity, Peace and Faith; a response to the divisive and inflammatory rhetoric used by the President-Elect and his representatives during his Presidential campaign.
We will not submit to the oppression of any of 'at-risk' groups singled out by the President-Elect.
Marilyn T. Keller, international jazz and gospel artist, will be recording a Darrell Grant arrangement of Naomi Morena's song: "Like A Mountain" - an Anthem we will be singing during the Women's March on Washington, Portland Women in Solidarity- on January 21, 2017.
Marilyn is recording a studio version first. That audio will go out to choirs, schools, social justice groups, and any interested parties, as a teaching tool- and a rehearsal tool- in advance of location video being shot. That video will be post-edited into the main video of the studio recording.
The final production is to be lodged on YouTube as a global Resistance seed.


Non-Studio Audio File download:

Latest Updates

Friday 1/20

The Like a Mountain Multicultural Choir will meet up under the Hawthorne Bridge, line both sides of the street, as numbers allow, sing our song acapella with our banner and signs promoting the lyrics. We will encourage marchers to continue to sing our song as they pass by. As choir members feel inspired, they can join the march and keep the song going along the route. This way we get to see the march as well as participate. Come early, 10 or 11 am to hold space and by 12-12:30 to be in place in time to sing the marchers on their way. Bring water, snacks, signs and percussion instruments that won't be damaged by water. Bring a chair if you want. And remember, hydrate and never pass by a clean bathroom. RSVP affirmatives-only at the Like a Mountain Facebook page, we can gauge how many to plan for.


Sunday ​1/15

My focus was on our Annual Martin Luther King Day Celebration at Augustana Lutheran.
I saw a post by our Open Circle Worship Leader and Matriarch, Andrea Slow-Jams Robideau, that she was stuck in traffic, on her way to Augustana. I sent Hera message asking where she was- in case she needed me to go and open the church or help out. She messaged back that she had left her key to the church at home, and she wanted to know how close was I to church? Well, Creator being the Boss that He is--Drea and the Ladies came to get me and we all went to Augustana happily together!
The day before, at the "Like A Mountain" gathering, I extended an invitation for anyone who could and would- to return the next evening to sing the song with me. My People responded. There were more than 25 standing on the altar when we sang that song, and the audience stood on their feet and ROARED! I felt like I needed to hold on to something! Naomi was glowing! The choir looked like they were all 7 feet tall! It was incredible.
Well, that's close to it. All of the backstory has yet to be told!

Video using Kathryn Kendall's photos:

From Renée LaChance

What a surprise to see these today. Kendall, thank you for the gift of photos! It was a wonderful event, over 60 people braved the snow to participate. I heard over and over as participants left that it was just the balm to sooth their hearts and souls. They will be joining us as we lead the Women's march Saturday and other marches and protests over the coming weeks. Today I am full of the hope and love nurtured yesterday. Thanks to everyone who made a special effort to be there.

Friday, 1/13

Just for the record, the footage from yesterday's studio session looks great. Mixing board goes on and on indeed--Bev

Remember tomorrow, Saturday, January 14 from 1:00 -5:00 we will be meeting at Augustana Lutheran church on 15th and NE Knott for a videotaping of singing the like a mountain anthem written by Naomi Littlebear Morena rearranged by Darrell Grant and magnificently recorded by Marilyn Keller and a troupe of amazing musicians yesterday. come and hear the new rendition, make placards and sing the chorus to be videotaped for the youtube video to be mounted on youtube before the inauguration.

From Darrell-
Following your progress from New York. How did the recording go yesterday? I am so amazed at how you are embodying the lyrics of the song. "Carry on..."

Thursday, 1/12
On the way home from Crossroads Community Church. We churned it out. Thanks to God Almighty for getting us all safely there, enhancing our gifts, and blessing this project!
George Mitchell, Dave Captein, Matt Schiff, Mike Snyder, Ezra Weiss, Dean Baskerville, Naomi Morena, Renée LaChance, Beverly Standish, Lyndee Mah, Anne Weiss, Nicole Mon, the staff of Crossroads Community Church-- you all are TROOPERS!!!
I am wiped out, but happier than a Louisiana Feelot! Please go to our page, if you are a member: "Like A Mountain" and help Naomi with any size donation to offset the costs of this recording. You will be part of something much bigger than yourself!

What a grand privilege it was to be in the studio with Marilyn Keller and terrific musicians. The trip to and from Vancouver was gorgeous.

All and all a great adventure and totally worth it.

Beverly Standish

Good Day, Warriors!
Update on audio recording:

We are grooving right along! The Rhythm Section is almost complete:

George Mitchell--Piano, Keyboards
Dave Captein--Bass
Matt Schiff--Guitar
Chaz Mortimer--Percussion


The first time for videotaping has been arranged: Saturday, January 14, from 1pm to 5pm at Augustana Luthern Church, NE 15th and Knott in Portland, Oregon.

Women's March on Washington: Portland. Happening Jan. 21. There will be 20,000++ people marching in Portland.

Good Day, Warriors!
We have set the audio recording date for Thursday, January 12, 2017; The Engineer is Dean Baskerville. Darrell Grant is the Arranger- and will have score, vocal parts and midi files available by tomorrow, Tuesday, the 10th.


Here's Naomi's message to everyone:
I will be making a YouTube video of a song I wrote many years ago that was adopted by the Greenham Common Women's Peace camp in the mid '80's. The camp drew thousands of women from Europe, the USA and beyond so my song grew in popularity for peace and women's advocates internationally. It's called "Like A Mountain" aka "Can't Kill the Spirit."
We have a good core group including local jazz and gospel singer Marilyn Keller who will be singing lead. To back her up we want to put together a very diverse choir of all genders, all ages, sexual orientation, race and religious or spiritual affiliations. The message is one of hope and courage. Those singers who cannot actually make it to the actual recording session we hope to get videotapes of them singing "wherever" to submit to us so that we can splice to the video.
Many an activist has been carted off to jail singing this song throughout the country that it even got the attention of Pete Seeger, American folk legend and since then many more people continue to share there "testimonies" of when and where they sang the song.
We have had several meetings and will meet again and are asking the support of singers, outreach coordinators, videographers, creatives, tech gurus, admin types, folks who play well with others, instrumentalists and others to join us in getting this recording done as quickly as possible. So any like minded folks who want to join in on a very positive and uplifting experience to get your mind off the blues, this is the place.

Kathryn Kendall 1

Kathryn Kendall 1

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sound board

Crossroads Studio

Crossroads Studio

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first gathering

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